Compliance Policies

The AM Group strictly adheres to government directives and policies regarding minimum wage, security and safety guidelines, health provisions, etc. Regular fire and evacuation drills on all premises are carried out and complete involvement and participation of employees are ensured. Multiple fire extinguishers are placed on every floor and within easy access to all employees. In addition to this, all premises are brightly lit and appropriately ventilated to ensure a comfortable working space. Furthermore, AM Group believes in equal opportunity and do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs and/or any physical disability. All employees are above 18 years of age and do not work more than the stipulated number of hours. AM Group is strictly against child labor.


The company works on the principle of on-the-job training and annual performance appraisals. Every new trainee goes through a rigorous training program, in their respective department. Upon completion of the three months stipulated period, the trainee is promoted in the department, provided he/she fulfills the performance criteria.


We, at the AM Group, promote a healthy and unbiased working environment, which is conducive to learning. We aspire to build a stress-free, happy and learning environment for everyone working with us, be it our various manufacturing units or any of our offices.


An open door policy ensures that all  employees have free access to the management and can approach them for any complain and/or grievance they might face during their work. The AM Group, take issues of harassment very seriously and investigate these matters thoroughly. Appropriate action is taken against culprit, regardless of their position in the management.


Employees of all levels and designations are provided a free lunch on the premises, which is prepared according to international health and sanitary standards. All employees are given a certain amount of meat every month for their households and grocery hampers in the month of Ramadan. There is a planned and systematic distribution of clothes and grocery hampers on every Eid. Every year, a certain number of employees are sponsored to go for Umrah and are selected through a lucky draw.


Each department plans and undertakes at least one picnic or outing every six months in order to boost employee motivation and build cohesive departmental teams. An annual company retreat/picnic is also organized to give all employees an opportunity to interact freely with one another.

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